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Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

At Temes Consulting, Inc, we understand how to put the power of the internet to work for you. Let our team design and implement the customized digital marketing solutions that will yield a higher return on investment for your advertising dollars. Today’s hyperconnected market creates unique and cost-effective opportunities for staying in touch with prospective customers. With our help, you will realize the potential of your online and social media platforms for increasing your automotive sales.

Digital Conversion

Our event packages feature proprietary digital technology that allows you to convert more traffic from your website, social media accounts, and other advertising venues. This backend advantage is accessible through your real-time reporting dashboard. When you request our digital conversion tools, you receive:

  • Creative Design
  • Custom Microsites
  • Buyer Profiles
  • Increased Web Conversion
  • Ad Channel Management

Social Media

Social media occupies a central position in our digital marketing services. Digital ads on social media platforms receive exceptional exposure; these outlets are where consumers direct much of their attention, so here is where they will see you. Take Facebook, for example. Facebook has 1.4 billion users, 900 million of whom visit every day, of which 700 million are using smartphones or tablets. Our team helps you sell more vehicles with our built-in social share technology and our hyper-targeted, in-market digital advertising on Facebook. Our ads are mobile optimized to reach your target consumers on whatever devices they use.

Web Engagement

Interact with prospective buyers online with our web engagement technology. Our resources provide a consumer-driven experience that turns your website traffic into showroom visits. Digital marketing is an increasingly important way to grow your business, and our team helps you make the most of your online presence.

Contact us for our digital marketing strategies. Our consulting firm works with automotive dealerships nationwide.