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High-Impact Marketing Mailers and Other Event Strategies

Temes Consulting, Inc provides personalized dealership event packages that generate high response rates and bring potential customers to your showroom. Talk to us about customized, targeted marketing mailers and digital strategies for making your next promotional event a success.

Our experienced team of dedicated automotive consultants takes care of your event from start to finish, including advertising on Facebook and other platforms, decorating your showroom, and analyzing consumer data. Reach out to us and let us put our proven methods to work for you. We use the latest technology to maximize your ROI. Our goal is to keep your dealership connected to your target customer base.

How It Works

Event Program Overview

As your event coordinator, we provide personalized car dealership ads, including event invitations with custom barcodes and URLs. Consumers engage microsites through these personalized URLs (PURLs). Here, they create an online profile that collects their contact information, provides an online credit application through a secure connection, sets appointments, features a NADA® Guides value calculator with a trade-in incentive, and more. These unique mailers yield high response rates among consumers in your target zip codes, and direct them to go to your showroom for special offers, test drives, and trade-in opportunities.

Your event will also feature one of our in-showroom touchscreen kiosks. These allow you to gather all the information you’ll need to manage your traffic flow and convert more shoppers into buyers. The kiosk lets you register your guests, lets guests redeem prizes, and qualifies, converts, and tracks consumer data that you can access and print in real time.

The prep pack that we send to your dealership will include everything we need to decorate your car showroom for the big event. Banners, balloons, posters, and hang tags will create a positive atmosphere that communicates the spirit of your promotion.

One of the biggest advantages we offer, though, is our proprietary software that’s designed to sell more vehicles by generating promising leads. With us, dealers sell up to 20% more than with regular mail marketing alone. Our software is your real-time reporting dashboard that tracks consumer profiles, kiosk data, target zip codes, and salesperson activity. In addition to producing precise marketing analytics, our technology measures individual marketing channels and creates a scored lead list that you can deliver to your CRM.

Since no event is complete without exciting prize giveaways, we give your customers the chance to win LOF (lube, filter, oil change) gift certificates, tire discounts, and other generic offers that we have determined are effective. You can take advantage of our $100K Sweepstakes and annual $25K Sweepstakes, or use your own prizes. What matters is that your shoppers see that real prizes are going to real winners.


Make the most of your promotional event with our results-driven marketing add-ons. Our additional services include:

  • Industry-Leading Mail Delivery: invitation tracking by our in-house staff of USPS communication professionals, best-in-class invitations and widgets
  • Digital Conversion Technology: helps you convert more traffic from your website and social media accounts through your reporting dashboard
  • Social Media Upgrades: built-in social share technology and hyper-targeted, in-market display ads increase your car dealership’s exposure on Facebook and other platforms
  • Call Center Availability: converts up to 5 times more ups via inbound and outbound calls and follow-up emails; integrates leads and appointments directly with your CRM and reporting dashboard
  • Ringless Voicemail Access: allows you to leave voicemail unobtrusively; a cost-effective, personal touch to your campaign

Event Packages

We offer six different event packages so you can get the unbeatable promotion that’s sized right to meet your goals. These packages range from 5,000 to 30,000 invitations for a 3-4 day event that targets your key zip codes and features our on-site team members. Typical response rates are 1.7% for a closing rate of 20%-25% of your monthly business. Give us a call today to get started on your next promotion.

Contact us to manage your next promotional event. Our consulting firm works with automotive dealerships nationwide.