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Targeted Automotive Marketing Campaigns

Maximize your automotive marketing campaigns’ ROI by working with Temes Consulting, Inc. We utilize data-driven approaches to reach target consumers and convert these shoppers into buyers. With predictive analytics and advanced data analysis, we design a multichannel approach to find the right consumers at the right time through the right platform. Our services are where science meets advertising for measurably superior results. Call us today to implement the personalized campaign and dealership events that yield higher sales.

Powerful Tools for Reaching Your Target Market

Through strategic mailers, branded microsites, and social media ads, our team keeps your dealership fresh in consumers’ minds. We use our proprietary software to track and analyze consumer data to execute the campaign that boosts interest in your dealership and directs traffic to your showroom.

With our years of experience, we have deep insight into which marketing tactics work and which do not. We not only take full advantage of saturation mailing, but we also take it to the next level by delivering straight to the households that our data suggests will be the most likely buyers. Our services improve the efficiency and success of your advertising efforts.

How Targeted Marketing Works

Effective marketing requires more than canvassing entire zip codes with flashy ads and flyers. While you may generate some leads this way, chances are you have also spent money on sending materials to disinterested households. Our team offers a more statistical approach. With analytics and advertising expertise, we help you identify and target the right individuals with a message designed to produce an interest in visiting your showroom.

Our creative specialists apply the insights from our data to develop personalized materials that elicit positive responses in your target market. Designing eye-catching mailers with personalized URLs, enhancing your social media presence, and coordinating your promotional events: we do everything it takes to help you meet your sales growth goals. Ask us about our customer-engaging microsites that feature:

  • NADA® Guides Value Calculator with a Trade-in Incentive
  • Appointment Calendar with Appointment Incentive
  • Credit Application to Start the Finance Process
  • Social Share Technology
  • Scheduled Follow-up Emails for Registrants

Contact us to help you reach your target market. Our consulting firm works with automotive dealerships nationwide.